Why don't more big-name stars choose to perform in El Paso when on tour?

El Paso is just coming off a 3-day, 6-show run by comedian Kevin Hart, where every show completely sold out. So is this a sign that El Paso is hungry for bigger acts?

Why does it seem that El Paso always loses out shows to other cities like Las Cruces and Albuquerque, considering that our population expands even more when you consider unaccounted fans from Fort Bliss, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juarez?

While it is true that El Paso does get overseen a lot by traveling tours, we need to understand that logistics and other factors play a huge role in what gets booked.

A tour has multiple moving parts, like scheduling and travel time between cities, but the most vital is the stage setup, which dictates what stage will accommodate all the gear, pyrotechnics, etc. For example, you wouldn't be able to fit Taylor Swift at the Plaza Theatre or the Don Haskins Center - she is a mega superstar whose equipment would barely fit inside the Sun Bowl.

As far as venues are concerned, El Paso is short on variety. Our biggest venue, the Sun Bowl, can fit just a little over 51K, while the next biggest would be the Don Haskins Center which sits nearly 12K.

From there, you go between the Plaza Theatre (2K capacity) to the Abraham Chavez Theatre (2.5K). Sadly, when promoters look for venues, their choices are either a mid-size venue of twelve thousand seat capacity, go bigger dramatically, or drop to a two thousand seater with nothing in between.

The scarcity of venues also eliminates the other traveling bands who prefer to perform at venues like the now-defunct Tricky Falls, leaving even fewer options.

So you see, it's not that stars don't want to hang out with their fans in El Paso; it's just that our facilities are not only limited but also dated, leaving fans with no other option but to travel out of state to see their favorite artists.

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