Growing up in El Paso everyone talked about La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. From what I remember being told as a child is the legend of La Llorona came from the idea of a woman drowning her kids in a jealous rage, which then cursed her to a life wandering the canals. Many children were terrified by this legend for years, so of course Hollywood had to finally get a hold of it and turn it into a white version of a scary story.

I went out to watch the movie because I do adore the franchise of movies created by James Wan. Since this La Llorona story does take place in the same movie universe as 'The Conjuring' franchise, I knew it was going to be filled with cheap jump scares. What I didn't expect was the horribly created appearance of La Llorona. Once they finally showed her face, screaming at a child, of course, I started laughing. Not because the makeup was bad or the wedding dress but because my millennial mind went exactly to the 'Mean Girls' Halloween party scene.

Don't try to deny the resemblance of Lindsey Lohan's Cady Heron character dressed up like a "Ex-Wife" and this version of La Llorona. We could totally have these ladies battle it out on a red carpet for a "Who Wore it Better?"

Maybe it is just me who sees the resemblance but once you do see it, you honestly won't be scared watching this movie ever again.


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