There has been a lot written this year about police violence against black Americans but what is happening with Siri on phones across the nation is unconscionable. El Paso police officer Andrea Zendejas, The Bun of Justice from A&E's Live PD, tweeted out a horrifying video of Siri answering the question, "Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?" by giving the addresses and hours of operation for every El Paso police station, and apparently this is happening all over the country.

Here is what happened when I clearly enunciated the question into my own phone:

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

You know me, I make sure that every word out of my mouth is clearly spoken. I made completely sure that the question was clear and precise and when I got that answer my heart almost stopped. I have a lot of friends on the El Paso Police Department, and count Andrea Zendejas as one. When I saw her tweet Tuesday evening I couldn't believe what I was seeing and that's why I tried it for myself. I then Googled the question and came up with this article.

This is shocking and so unbelievably dangerous. Are there people on our police force who shouldn't be there? Of course. Look at your own workplace and tell me that everyone you work with is a stellar person with no faults whatsoever. You can't and I can't, but to put people who put their lives in danger every day to keep us safe in massive danger by calling them terrorists must be stopped.

Apple Inc. needs to address this right now before good police officers are put in even more danger. You can call them by clicking on this link and finding a phone number to let them know that calling police officers terrorists must be stopped right now.

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