A magician decides to get food at a fast food drive-thru, but all of the workers think they're hearing voices -- or are they?

Magician Rahat is back with an all-new prank that targets drive-thru workers. It involves Rahat, his friend Trey, a voice recorder, a speaker and two trips to the drive-thru window.

First, Trey grabs food at the drive-thru in order to get a receipt with the serving employee's name. Once the name is learned, Trey records himself shouting out to the employee in question. That message will then be played back later on, via a speaker, during Rahat's turn through the drive-thru.

Once Rahat pulls up to the window, Trey's voice is heard screaming their name. At first, all of the employees are shocked and even taken aback a little. They look at Rahat incredulously and ask him if he called their names. Now, there's a stark difference between Rahat and Trey's voices, so the workers can immediately tell that Rahat wasn't the culprit (although he sort of is).

When they ask Rahat if they heard anything, he'd always deny that anything happened. In fact, during one run, he asks the employee if they just heard someone call his name. Needless to say, a lot of folk started thinking that the supernatural was at play. Of course, it didn't help that Rahat claimed he saw a girl with long, black hair standing behind one of the employees. Yikes.

Watch the video above and keep your wits about you whenever you hear disembodied voices saying your name.

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