After not being able to work out in a gym for months and months due to COVID-19 restrictions, a lot of El Pasoans are back to feeling the burn and getting their weightlifting on at local gyms. More and more you probably are seeing couples working out together. It's fun, you get to get sweaty together, and the endgame of being hotter than a firecracker isn't so bad, either. But what happens when you're dating a hottie and they get hit on at the gym?

We never get the chance to see the guy who is shooting this video but you can hear him saying what he is doing to his unsuspecting girlfriend. They are at a gym together and she is on a machine looking at her phone, probably while she is between sets. He decides he's going to be all hilarious and what not and text her that someone in the gym has asked for his digits. Check out her immediate reaction.

We don't see the aftermath of Mr. Funny Guy's prank but I'll bet when she found out that he wasn't really hit on by a gym groupie there were at least a little hands thrown. I mean, she is a hottie and he got her all riled up. He needs to make sure he doesn't pull too many of those pranks because although we women love a man who makes us laugh, we don't love a man who is laughing at us.

But that isn't to say that we don't love funny videos. Pull this prank with your significant other and then upload it on the free 93.1 KISS FM Mobile App or drop it in on our Facebook page. And make sure you leave in the part when your SO gives you grief for giving them grief!

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