El Paso City Council really doesn't want to release information about COVID-19 clusters in businesses and taxpayer funded entities. They have twice voted against releasing that information and twice City reps and Mayor Dee Margo have followed City Attorney Karla Nieman behind closed doors to talk about not giving the public the information they need to stay safe during this pandemic. In the meantime, they want businesses to self-report any COVID-19 clusters.

Um, what??

The City doesn't want to hack off the business community by reporting COVID-19 clusters but they want businesses to out themselves as having a COVID-19 cluster? And they're talking about this in executive session, something Mayor Dee Margo told us on Mike and Tricia Mornings that he would rather discuss in front of the public?

Come on, City reps Sam Morgan, Isabel Salcido, Claudia Rodriguez, and Cissy Lizarraga, you guys were voted in by the public and now you're voting to not tell us where hot spots are so we can keep our kids safe?

I understand, you don't want to pile on a business that might already be struggling, but do you really want to continue letting people go to hot spots and potentially spread the virus? And you guys have discussed trying to get businesses to do the thing that you guys don't have enough guts to do - tell the public where the danger is.

It's pretty upsetting that our elected officials are hiding behind closed doors while they discuss the fate of the public during a pandemic and it's equally upsetting that you guys are trying to put off on businesses the job of protecting the public health.

Shame on you City Council and Mayor Dee Margo. You guys need to do better.

And you need to do it in front of the public who elected you.

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