The kids in my life have been obsessed with these '3 A.M. Facetime Challenge' videos. I know these first emerged sometime in 2017, which is a long time in the social media world. You would think these type of videos would die out already but no. Basically, these videos show people calling a character like Freddy Kruger, Leatherface and even Spongebob at the witching hour. If you haven't seen these type of videos BUT your kids have, I recommend you head over to YouTube and attempt to find some just to actually get a sense of what they are.

After seeing a video where people Facetime Michael Jackson, which some people now call him the "Hehe Man" I think these videos should be over. I know YouTubers aren't making Oscar-worthy material but come on people, why are you still targeting kids with these "horror movie" style videos featuring their favorite characters?

Children are still learning the difference between reality and make-believe and I know it is up to the parents to monitor what children are watching, but that should also go with monitoring what is allowed to be put up on YouTube. I know these videos aren't filled with blood, gore, and terrifying images BUT they are still creating this idea where these monsters/kid characters can reach them through a phone.

Maybe we should just use these videos to prevent kids from wanting a phone? Spongebob might come to life and try to take them to his pineapple. I can't really judge though, these videos get way more views than our videos.

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