Some High School sports such as volleyball are already under way and depending on which district your child attends, the amount of people allowed at a game, if any, differs depending on where that team may be playing that particular day.

While it would be great if these policies were uniform across each individual school district, ultimately it is up to them to make decisions regarding to what extend to allow spectators at sporting events held on their facilities and we need to trust that those decisions are made with the safety of each district’s students and staff in mind.

Below you’ll find to what extent El Paso, Canutillo, Socorro, and Ysleta ISDs are allowing fans to attend sporting events held on their campuses.  Should a particular sport or your child’s district not be mentioned, please make sure to reach out to the campus for additional information.

  • Ysleta ISD – Two parents for each student-athlete participating at a football game. Reserved seats will need to be purchased and temperature checks will be taken when entering the stadium.  Limited capacity at indoor sporting events.
  • El Paso ISD – Limited capacity at its football games. October 1-3, only parents of Seniors participating at football games (team members, band members, cheerleaders) will be allowed to recognize them on Senior Night.  Beginning October 8, others can attend up until each stadium reaches its limited capacity number.  As of now, no update on if fans will be allowed at indoor sporting events in the near future.
  • Socorro ISD – Two parents per Senior athlete or student for varsity volleyball, football, band, cheer, student council, and athletic trainers, tennis, and cross country. 1 parent per athlete for non-Seniors and for athletes at lower level sporting events (JV, middle school)
  • Canutillo ISD – All sporting events will allow two family members for sporting events

Keep in mind that the districts mentioned above are also requiring that masks be worn, and social distancing guidelines are followed.

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