A couple of years back having a friend with benefits was all the rage. There were articles written on how to manage a friends with benefits relationship, a few movies were made with hot young actors and actresses, and then the whole fad faded away.

I never could understand the concept of friends with benefits. Only having someone there for a booty call isn't something I would need if I was single. I would need a friend with these benefits:

1. Friends With Brunch: You want to know the way to a girl's heart? Take her to Saturday brunch. Mimosas, girly brunch food, hanging out under an umbrella in the spring weather - there is nothing more fun on a Saturday morning and a guy who knows that has a serious in with a gal.

2. Friends With Shopping: Fellas, you need to not grumble when we ask you to go shopping with us. Hang out for a couple of hours while we check out clothes or go shopping for groceries, whatever we're looking for, and I guarantee a great return on your investment.

3. Friends With Travel: A fun road trip, a flyaway getaway to a beautiful beach, maybe a weekend in a cabin in a snowy village, if you take a girl away for it all then she'll concentrate only on you and not all the stuff back home that needs tending to.

4. Friends With Thunderstorms: I hate lightning and thunder, so having someone there during a storm makes it easier to deal with. If a guy is willing to hang out and hold a girl's hand during a storm and doesn't laugh every time she jumps with fright is a guy to hang on to.

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