I'm Still Doing It This Year Though.

It's November and it's the annual tradition of not shaving your face. A tradition started by a few people who wanted to bring awareness to colon cancer and the men who get it by refusing to shave their face all November and using the money they would have spent on razors as a donation to the Matthew Hill Foundation or other prostate cancer-related charities.

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Photo by Supply on Unsplash
Photo by Supply on Unsplash

But in recent years, my friends just use it as an excuse to grow silly facial hair. I don't even know if they donate to charities afterward! Cause if you don't, you're kind of just cosplaying at that point.

So I decided to try it out this year and see how much money I could save and actually donate.


Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

No one would accuse me of having a hairy rugged face. It's just not something that's happened ever since puberty. So I'm going to participate in no shave November this year and this is what I look like on day one.



There's already a little bit of stubble I have blond hair so it might make it harder to see. It's really patchy on my cheeks but will get super long thick and gross on my neck, so yes, I'm a neckbeard.

I started a week early just to make sure you could tell a difference.

Here's a good question from one user on Reddit's r/noshavenovember subreddit.

Does getting a haircut count as losing No-Shave November? I'm participating in NSN and am curious if getting a haircut counts as losing. I have hair and am not bald, so I would not be using a razor, but I am still curious.

Me too buddy me too.

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