I am writing this on July 7th. It is a Wednesday.

The 4th of July happened on Sunday. The ONLY day this week many would agree was the only appropriate day to set off fireworks in the El Paso area.

No one cares about the date, or the time because fireworks are still going off at night. Sometimes you may even hear them in the afternoon because I guess people have nothing better to do.

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Either way, I get it. Fireworks are cool to you because they have pretty lights and make loud noises. So do cars and I don't see you setting those on fire.

In El Paso, most news stations and FitFam have shown us that people enjoyed their fireworks and some did so idiotically.

I think we can all be reasonable and agree it is time to just put them away for New Year's Eve or save them for the next 4th of July.

People are still trying to find their dogs, or calm down people who really can't handle that type of sound.

Maybe you should take a second to remember not all people enjoy fireworks.

Some people have a hard time dealing with them and look forward to the quiet that awaits the end of a firework-filled holiday.

So for those who think to continue to annoyingly pop fireworks late at night or in the afternoon, @hetheresara has the perfect message for you.

If I can connect this to a large speaker, tie it to the roof of my jeep and drive around town, I would.

Sadly, I do not have a speaker loud enough to drown out those annoying fireworks.

@heytheresaraHappy 4th of July!! ##karensgoingwild ##4thofjuly ##karensinthewild ##funnytiktok

♬ original sound - Sara

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