It's probably too late to try this in 2022 but you have a year to get ready for 2023.

Some people like to buy turkeys, others like to hunt them. Still others like the "live turkey" idea but aren't into hunting. For those who prefer to raise and then slaughter their own, I offer these suggestions.

I couldn't find anyplace selling turkeys here in El Paso, (although I feel like there MUST be a local source), but across Texas, they're pretty easy to find at places like:

Bird and Bee Farm. According to them,

"Young Rio Grande Wild Turkeys are active and easy to raise. They grow fast and can be eating your destructive grasshoppers, ticks (including those which carry Lyme Disease) and other insects soon."

San Antonio Bunny Haven. Their site points out that turkeys can feed you without actually becoming your dinner. (Until they do become your dinner anyway.)

Turkey eggs are known to be just as nutritious as chicken eggs with a strong shell and larger yolk. Hens lay an average of two eggs per week when in season.

Texas Hunting Forum. According to them, turkeys are kinda' chingon:

You keep them locked up until they are probably 3 months old, then you can release them and they will stay around your place, murdering every grasshopper, small reptile or rodent in sight. Long story short, they are really cool to have around.

Even Craigslist is in on this.

Pardoned Turkeys Get First-Class Flight To New Home
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If you're thinking about a live turkey, be sure you have no kids or family members under, oh ... say ... 25 or so. (No PETA fans or hardcore animal lovers either.) Otherwise, you'll have to pardon it like the POTUS always does and "pet" turkeys can live over 10 years.

That's a big commitment for something that's not going to do much more than drive your dog crazy and make "gobble" noises.

El Paso Winterfest 2022

Townsquare Media El Paso was invited out to an exclusive media event to kick off El Paso Winterfest 2022.

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