75 days.  Tuesday morning will mark 75 days since the switch was thrown on the Shawver lights Christmas display.  City Rep. Eddie Holguin proposed the lights display in the Lower Valley park on November 12th, almost 3 months ago.  When the lights display was approved, it was with the stipulation that Rep. Holguin would get corporate sponsorships to recover the costs for putting on the light display.  It's been 3 months and only $12,050 has been raised - time to show us the money, Mr. Holguin!


The Shawver lights display was thought up by Holguin as 'another option' for people whom Holguin said didn't want to go to see a scaled down lights display in Cleveland Square due to the construction in San Jacinto Square, the traditional home of the City's lights display.  When the lights display was laughed at by CNN anchors, he defended the lights display by saying he took 'full responsibility for the humble display of lights at Shawver Park.'  Ultimately, the lights only lasted 21 days, and cost $21 thousand dollars.  A thousand dollars a day - so little bang for so many bucks.

Of course, Holguin also threw the City Parks and Rec Department under the bus by saying it was their decision as to what the display would look like. Maybe this year, if there is another Shawver Park Christmas lights display, it won't be thrown together at the last minute and the city will get a lights display worthy of the money that spent on it.

But until then, we need to know - where is the money, Mr. Holguin?