Christmas Lights

Shawver Park Lights
Last year, a lot of fun was had at the expense of the "Shawver Park Christmas Lights Display". Former City Rep. Eddie Holguin asked the City at the last minute for funding for a holiday lights display that was so dismal, it had the national news media making fun of it.
Shawver Park Scam?
75 days.  Tuesday morning will mark 75 days since the switch was thrown on the Shawver lights Christmas display.  City Rep. Eddie Holguin proposed the lights display in the Lower Valley park on November 12th, almost 3 months ago.  When the lights display was approved, it was with the stipulation that Rep. Holguin would get corporate sponsorships to recover the costs for putting on the light displa
Why Did El Paso City Rep. Eddie Holguin Call City Officials ‘Grinches’? We Know Why!
The Grinch’s heart grew 3 times at Tuesday’s El Paso City Council meeting.  City Rep. Eddie Holguin will get his 25 thousand dollar Christmas lights display in the Lower Valley.  But I have a few questions about why he wanted to do an alternate lights display this year, and a few suggestions for the illustrious Mr. Holguin about next year’s holiday lights display….
17 Houses Decked Out for Christmas
No matter what the holiday, we always love getting extra festive. It's not like we need an excuse to wear awful Christmas sweaters or take part in a harmless snowman prank, but doing that stuff during the season makes us look a little less crazy. The season also provides the perfect excuse to go way overboard in the decorating department.