As pumpkin spice arrives, so do the Halloween items that line the store shelves of your favorite big-box store. The days of summer fun are coming to an end so it is finally time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Don't panic, it is only early September but before you know it, BAM, it is spooky season.

I am a huge Halloween nerd and believe we should use seasonal decor as lifestyle decor. Do I need witch hands that screw into the wall to hold towels or keys? YES! Others of you may say no. I am not here to judge you, so don't you come at me for leaving my witch hands up. Either way, you shouldn't be a trick-or-treat hater and get in on celebrating Halloween with some fun decor. When it comes to deciding when to decorate in your home or office, the discussion of when to start needs to be had.

According to, the most popular time to start decorating is the first two weeks of October. Due to the prices of Halloween decorations these days, I would recommend putting those babies up starting the last week of September. If we have learned to accept people putting up their Christmas lights all year long, I say the rules of decorating are left to whoever spent their dang money on them.

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