The best time of the year is quickly approaching. Obviously, it is Halloween. Instead of being the scary holiday it started out as, it has quickly become the day that people spend way too much money on home decorations. Similar to Christmas, but way more fun and demonic. As a Texan and horror fan, this year I appreciate one Halloween home decoration more than the rest.

Betelgeuse fans are overjoyed about the release of this inflatable sandworm. The sandworm is seen in the betelgeuse movie for a few minutes throughout the story but is a favorite amongst horror fans. Even if you are not a fan, this sandworm is a beautiful fictional creature you can easily scare people into believing they are real and alive in Texas. If you have seen that scene in Betelgeuse, then you know it already looks like Texas or maybe I am just comparing it to the El Paso area.

Either way, little kids can easily be convinced that these sandworms are real and with these inflatable decorations already selling out online, I think this is the year to start a new Halloween myth. Well, only until the kids are old enough to understandBetelguese and sandworms aren't real.

Gemmy via Home
Gemmy via Home

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