A woman that lives outside of Texas definitely used her creative side to teach the city a lesson. I came across some hilarious pictures from a Halloween Facebook group that focuses on decorations. Dawn Goodman sure caught my attention with her hilarious captions on her photos.

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After talking to Dawn Goodman about the story behind the pictures and caption sure had me laughing. During the summertime in June Dawn Goodman had a huge tree removed. Plus the city workers also had to grind the stump and then later filled it.

Dawn Goodman also mentioned that the city is responsible for filling that empty spot with another tree or seed. So, remember this all happened back in June and she still has yet to see a tree or seed. Now that left Dawn Goodman with only one thing to do until that happens.

You will see the creativity of Dawn Goodman in the photos below. Dawn Goodman bought a plastic skeleton and buried it in place of where the tree should have been. But that's not the best part.

Skeleton Decor Tips

So get this, a city worker went by her house recently (finally) and made a special note. Dawn Goodman told me that the city worker took a picture and made a note saying not to fill it till after October 31. If you have patchy areas like Dawn Goodman then this is something you could do for the time being.

Then again there may be some people in El Paso that would probably mistake it for actual skeleton parts. But we can't blame them because of the human remains that were found this past March. We all remember when human remains were found off Hondo Pass KVIA Abc 7 reported.

We also can't forget the time human remains were also discovered where Amazon Distribution Center is built. When you see it in the movies usually human remains look dirty or have a darker color tone. So your way of recognizing a fake plastic skeleton is by how brightly colored the bones are.

But if you need a temporary cover-up for those patchy areas in your yard this is perfect. Just like Dawn Goodman did for the area she is waiting for her tree to be planted.

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