So the Christmas holidays are over. All the trees have been taken down, only people who don't care what their neighbors think still have their lights on their houses. If you haven't eaten the last tamales of the season you should probably throw them away because they're not good anymore. What's next?

Valentine's Day!

No, you heathen, the next holiday is Easter. If you like to plan ahead and start making your Easter basket list and planning your Easter Sunday church outfit, then pull out your calendar. Easter Sunday this year falls on April 12.

Lent happens pretty early this year. Ash Wednesday is February 26, and then for the next forty days, El Paso Catholics will observe Lent by eating fish on Fridays and giving something up in order to be able to concentrate on the sacrifice of Christ, not to atone for sins as is most commonly believed.

Most El Paso churches offer mass at noon and distribute ashes, but there are also churches that offer do-it-yourself ashes that you can access at any time throughout the day. There are also usually early and evening masses that day. Just call which ever church you usually go to and ask when they'll be distributing ashes. You can also go to the Diocese of El Paso website for more details as the day gets closer.

Easter Sunday is, of course, the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition to the religious importance, there is also the arrival of the Easter Bunny with all his goodies, and the general feeling that spring is right around the corner. Get ready to get those Easter eggs dyed and baskets filled with delicious candy.

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