Everyone made sure to tune in for Adele's One Night Only which aired on CBS on November 14, 2021. This concert was very emotional for fans who were anxious to hear some new tunes that tugged on hearts, live.

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But it wasn't just hearing new music for the first time but where it was where she was performing. Adele put on one hell of a performance at the Griffith Observatory last fall.

If you watched it on CBS then you saw just how awesome and lucky those people were to be a part of it.

This extravagant concert got me thinking about how awesome it would be if Khalid could pull off what Adele did, except in El Paso.

Now if we could play pretend here where would be a gnarly place for Khalid to hold a concert that isn't the typical concert venues. Now, if I am thinking of places somewhat similar to the Griffith Observatory, I had a few in mind.

I feel Hueco Tanks, Mount Cristo Rey, and Scenic Drive are some dope places for a private Khalid concert. My friend Michelle also recommended some cool spots which were White Sands and McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater.

We all love each of those spots for our particular reasons but know it can only come down to just one.

If Khalid pulled an Adele move in El Paso where do you think he should perform at, out of all those places?

In my opinion, I feel Scenic Drive would be the best fit for Khalid to hold a concert for one night only. Just picture the awesome sunset view, as the star lights up behind him and he sings all his hits.

You can't forget his song "Scenic Drive" or how his music video for "Location" features Scenic Drive at the beginning. But I want to know where you think would be cool if Khalid pulled an Adele in El Paso.

Place your vote in the poll below on where Khalid should hold a private concert as Adele did in California.

Places Khalid Could Pull an Adele for One Night Only

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