Both Whataburger and Tacotote on Mesa St. are closed.

Good news and bad news. The good news is Whataburger is only temporarily closed while Tacotote, in fact, has closed its doors near UTEP for good.

Here’s the tea:

Whataburger Mesa ma


It's happening. Last year an investment firm out of Chicago acquired a majority stake in the family-owned Texas food chain Whataburger, meaning changes would be coming soon. Fast forward a year later, part of those changes include a new façade.

The new Whataburger restaurant design and remodel promises to “stay true” to their original look but in an updated way and will feature LED lighting and more efficient equipment for 24-hour use.

Credit: Whataburger
Credit: Whataburger

The Texas burger giant is just beginning to remodel all of its stores, including the Whataburger near UTEP, which is currently temporarily closed and getting an overhaul.

While under construction, folks in the Kern, UTEP, and downtown area will need to get their Whataburger fix by visiting the Westside location near Sunland Park Mall.

Tacotote Mesa ma


Tacotote, best known for its signature tacos, has already closed on Mesa St. near UTEP permanently. Twenty-four years after opening its first location in El Paso, Taco Tote is now on the search for a new location. Tacotote first opened in 1988 in Ciudad Juárez and has since branched out to over 20 locations, including in El Paso, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Tacotote Drive Thru ma

Even though this Tacotote location is gone, we can still hit up the other six other locations for pick up or by visiting:


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