Here’s a life lesson you can learn from Whataburger: People would be much more into your birthday if you gave them something.

The Texas-based burger chain is celebrating its 73rd birthday by proclaiming August 8 National Whataburger Day and giving away free Whataburgers and table tents.

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Your New Favorite Faux Food Holiday

Whether you’re a Whataburger Fanatic who will eat there morning, noon, and, night to collect bags, cups, and table tents for Christmas tree decorations, take Whataburger-themed wedding photos, or just love free stuff there is only one way to celebrate and that’s over a Whataburger.

And if you can get it for free even better.

Sadly, you can’t just walk in and demand your freebie. While it is free free and not a buy-something-to-get-something offer you still have to jump through a couple of hoops.

How to Get Your Free Burger

Michael J. Rivera/Canva
Michael Rivera/Canva

The celebratory free Whataburger is a digital offer so in order to collect this is what you have to do according to the company news release:

• Download the Whataburger App on the App Store or Google Play.
• Create a Whataburger Rewards account.

Oh, and the offer is only good for “active users,” so you must have made a purchase using the app in the last year.

If you’re already a Whataburger Rewards member you’re good, enjoy the free burger. Unless you haven’t placed at least one order on the app within the past 12 months.

The random food faux-holiday happens on Monday and Tuesday, August 7 and 8.

Free Table Tents

A Table Tent with the number 74 at a Whataburger Resturant
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

Table tent collectors won’t have to stoop to the usual five-finger discount to add to their collection.

Whataburger will also be giving away National Whataburger Day table tents to customers who dine-in on August 8 while supplies last. Or you can buy something that day on the Whatastore and get a free table tent with your purchase.

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