To say that it is hotter than hell outside is an understatement. El Paso is baking under a string of triple-digit temperatures, and this weekend as we kick off two days of music and fun in downtown El Paso, we're going to be dealing with the heat. But, we have your sweaty back and here's how we are going to make things comfortable for you at StreetFest:

1. We have the Abraham Chavez Theater and the Convention Center - If you need to get out of the heat, head over to these two incredibly cool venues. By incredibly cool, we mean not only the O’Reilly Auto Parts car show inside the Convention Center, or the music on the acoustic stage inside the Abraham Chavez Theater, we mean their amazing air-conditioning. You can hang out there until you cool off and then head back out to wander StreetFest.

2. We have water - There will be bottled water for sale throughout StreetFest, and there are free water fountains inside the Convention Center and Abraham Chavez Theater.

You need to remember to dress for the weather and wear sunscreen if you’re coming early. If you're going to head out a little later, the music on the Budweiser Main stage starts after 7 p.m. and shadows will have started to cover Santa Fe Street.

This is El Paso. We live in the desert and it gets hot as all get out here, but we're used to it and we know how to deal with it. Just remember - on any other weekend of the summer, you would probably be hanging out at your BFF's backyard sweating your butt off, or at the ballpark sweating your butt off. This is the same thing, but with better music and food trucks!

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