If you’re like the majority of El Pasoans, you have swamp coolers at your house. Problem is, with all this humidity, swamp coolers tend to make your house sound like the swamp part of their name but don’t do much to cool you off.

KFOX 14 talked to an air conditioning company about how to get the most out of your swamp cooler.

Swamp coolers work on air circulation so let the hot air out so the cooler can bring in new air.

Don’t let too much air in. If your door stays open when you crack it 2 to 3 inches, you need to close some windows. If it slams shut, you need to open some windows. If the door closes slowly, you’ve got it just right.

Make sure the pads in the unit are saturated without dry spots or you’ll get hot spots.

Make sure you have the right water pump for your AC unit.

If you have swamp coolers, you know you're going to have to tough it out during humid weather, but these tips can help make things a little cooler in your home.

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