Squirrels seem like they'd make awesome pets. They're cute, they're energetic and, sometimes, they do something hilarious, like what this squirrel attempts in this video.

Meet Wally. This little guy is owned by Shannon Apple and her family. Now, you might think that owning a pet squirrel is amazing and that it would fill your days with all kinds of amusing moments -- and you'd probably be right.

As you can see from the video, Wally is a squirrel on a mission. He's got possession of a nut and plans to hide it for safekeeping. Unfortunately, being indoors doesn't provide one with a wealth of places to dig up soil and bury a treasured nut for later use. Thankfully, Jax, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is nearby to provide some help to our squirrel friend.

The video shows us about 40 seconds of Wally trying to dig into Jax's fur and hide the nut in it. For a brief while, it seems like Wally has succeeded and ensured the safety of his future meal within the safe layers of Jax's long, luxurious fur. But this attempt proves fruitless as the nut falls out. Confused, Wally walks around, trying to dig up bits of carpet to no avail. He gives Jax's fur another shot, this time trying to dig into the dog's hindquarters, but that also proves to be a bad hiding spot. Having exhausted his options, Wally jumps up a laundry basket in search for more hiding spots.

Check out the video of Wally and Jax above and watch more videos of the screwy squirrel through the link above.

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