It's the moment every (most) high school kids prepare for: taking the SAT (or ACT). The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, often determines where you get that acceptance letter to college.

But it turns out some El Paso High School students who took the test on October 27 may have to do it all over again - and it's not because of a bad score.

According to our news partners over at KVIA, part of a shipment headed to the College Board via a UPS truck instead ended up "blowing around on Mesa Street."

ABC-7 obtained an audio recording of a voicemail from EPISD sent to some parents and students stating:

"The exam answer documents were packaged and dropped off at a UPS facility for delivery to College Board. The following Saturday morning (October 29) it was reported that SAT answer documents were seen blowing around on Mesa Street. We quickly responded to this report and indeed found SAT answer documents from El Paso High School on Mesa Street."

According to ABC-7, EPISD officials were able to recover all but 55 exam answer documents.

Imagine that... you study for the biggest exam of your life that could ultimately decide if you get into your dream college and *poof*, your SAT answer sheet is blowing around on a busy El Paso road. On a Saturday!

EPISD said in a statement:

"El Paso ISD, in collaboration with College Board, will provide updates to students and parents as more information becomes available."


KVIA also spoke with an El Paso High School senior who took the SAT that day and said he "thought they were joking at first when they said our SATs were scattered across Mesa."

No joke here. It happened. And FitFam even has the video that appears to show it.

BUT - there is a silver lining for those 55 students if they have to take it again: figuring out an essay topic for their college application should be pretty easy now.


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