It's Dad Week on Mike and Tricia Mornings and we wanted to know what smells remind our listeners of their dads. My dad used to smoke cigars all the time. The man always had a cigar in his hand. He used to get really nice cigars, not those nasty Swisher Sweets that are the Dollar Store of cigars. My dad's cigar boxes were treasured items in our house because they were made of this really pretty wood, smelled of cigars, and had a cool little metal latch that locked the lid down. I still have at least a dozen of those boxes that smell faintly of cigars. I will open them up and go through the mementos I keep in them and smile at the slight smell of cigars. I'm lucky to still have my dad, but I know that when I'm an old lady, I'm going to still treasure those cigar boxes.

One of our listeners surprised me and Mike when she told us the smell she associates with her dad is blood. We found out why, but I'll be honest, I was afraid we were going to find out that her dad was a Dexter wannabe.

Happy Father's Day!

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