My favorite holiday is almost upon us! But since some people have to ruin it for the rest of us, we are limited to how we have some firework fun. Here are the fireworks you CAN use in Las Cruces during the Fourth of July holiday.

Types of fireworks you can buy and even use have been regulated in several city limits because of the dangers they put on possible fires and other issues that may arise with wrongful use. Burns are the most common firework related injuries and officials just want to prevent that every year.

Fireworks allowed to be bought and used in Las Cruces are ground and hand held sparkling and smoking devices, cylindrical fountains, sparklers, illuminating torches, smoke devices and wheels. Fireworks prohibited for use and sale in Las Cruces are aerial and ground audible devices, helicopter mines, aerial spinners, missile type rockets roman candles, stick type rockets, chasers and firecrackers.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!