Alright El Paso, if you were waiting for a sign on when to buy that lottery ticket or when to place that risky bet on something expensive, this is your sign because tomorrow is set to be the luckiest day of the year!

This “sign” is according to astrology though so don’t get mad at me if you end up blowing all your paycheckI’m just the messenger!

Astrology says that May 18th is gonna be a lucky day and this is due to a rare cosmic event known as the Jupiter cazimi (pronounced kuh-ZEE-mee). 

The term cazimi comes from an Arabic word meaning "in the heartand describes when Jupiter is in perfect conjunction with the sun, within one degree of alignment.

Astrologers believe this alignment showers the Earth with positive energy, making it an ideal day to embrace opportunities, take risks, and yes, maybe even buy a lottery ticket. But again, don't go blowing your rent money on lottery tickets just yet!

If you’re a believer in celestial fortunes, you might want to note the luckiest time of the day: 2:36 PM Eastern (1:36 PM Central, 12:36 PM Mountain, 11:36 AM Pacific). 

Whether you're scheduling a big meeting, starting a new project, or making a significant decision, this is the moment when luck is said to be most potent.

This extraordinary alignment won't occur again until June 24th, 2025, so make the most of this unique opportunity. 

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