And no we are not referring to Canelo…

The "Cinnamon Challenge" has been around for a while now and doctors are warning not to attempt because it could lead to all sorts of lung issues and even death.

What is the “Cinnamon Challenge”? Well, it’s a cinnamon-eating craze made popular with teenagers but can lead to potential health problems.

Kids are dared to take the challenge by trying to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without water for a minute, and filming the experience as well. The person ingesting it ends up spitting it out and sending a cloud of cinnamon as the person tries to swallow.

According to a report publishes in the issue of the Pediatrics journal said 30 American youngsters had required medical treatment after ingesting the spice last year and a couple of cases has lead to death.

Symptoms can include choking, throat irritation, respiratory trouble and collapsed lungs.

Cinnamon, which is made from tree bark, is a caustic substance that can cause scarring in the lungs, the report said.

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