The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much wiped out any holiday going back to last March, but Halloween still has the possibility of being salvaged.  Things in El Paso are starting to slowly stabilize, and there may be some more good news on the way as state health officials are preparing to start distributing a COVID-19 vaccine that could possibly be available by the end of next month.

The candidates for the vaccine (formula-wise, not people-wise) are currently going through testing but health officials are indicating those trials are in its final phases.  According to the Center for Disease Control, this particular vaccine is taking longer to develop because unlike past flu strains, COVID is a novel virus and development of a vaccine had to start from the ground up.

Once officially available, expect those who are at higher risk to receive the vaccine first.  Pregnant women, people of 65 years of age, and others with underlying health conditions.  No official word has been given as to whether the vaccine will be distributed in a similar, drive by manner as was and still is the case for coronavirus testing.  Preparations are currently underway for a late October distribution which would be at approximately the 8-month mark of when the pandemic altered the way of life for all El Pasoans.

This news is cause to be cautiously optimistic but please don’t think we’re all in the clear just yet.  Let’s continue to take precautions until there is officially an “all clear” given by trusted health officials.

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