You've seen the mysterious billboards around town. Now it's been relieved! But still, what the heck is "El Paso It's All Good" about?

This program is very cool! Sign up and win prizes! Got your attention now?

Become a digital ambassador for El Paso and win stuff! It's easy,

Head to the "El Paso It's All Good" Website and proceed!
Step 1:

Choose your social network.

Step 2:

Check your email for official content.

Step 3:

Share it! The more you share, the more chances you have to earn points.

Step 4
Earn your points for exclusives & prizes.
The program has a Facebook page and you can see all the things about El Paso people are sharing!
Or if you're into Twitter, Tweet about El Paso!
Or if you're a Pinterest freak like myself, they even have a Pinterest page!
They also have a site for al you YouTubers and Flickr users!
Sign up and win big! I did! Let's get the good word out about our awesome city!

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