The 50/50 birthday party trend, what is it and is it worth it?

There’s a new trend that’s going around when it comes to kids birthday parties. It’s called the 50/50 birthday party and it requests that in lieu of gifts guests instead give a monetary gift ($10 max) and the parent will save half the money for a big gift that the birthday boy or girl really wants and the other half of the money gets donated to a charity of the family’s choice or goes into a college fund.

This seems like a pretty cool idea. The idea isn’t new really but it’s beginning to catch on with parents especially those that are cash strapped. Think of how many birthday parties your kids get invited to – the gift costs easily add up over time. The 50/50 birthday party concept lets the child enjoy a gift that they really want and it also allows for the child to learn how to give back to their community by making a donation in their name.

Although I’m not a parent I get invited all the time to my friends and family’s kid’s parties and I recently received an invitation from a girlfriend of mine who stated in the invite that it was a 50/50 party. This was awesome because since I’m always busy it saves me the time to go out and buy a gift that the child may or may not like. Instead I loved that the pressure was off and that all I had to do was gift some cash ($10 max) with half the money being donated to a charity.

This birthday gifting method can certainly be adopted for any party, not just birthdays. This would also be perfect for anniversaries, weddings and adult birthdays too.

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