If you won $1 million on a quick pick what non-essential, every day item would you splurge on?

It’s a question we posed on-air on Mike and Tricia Mornings and online after reading someone in El Paso recently won one million dollars on a $2 Powerball ticket.

Of course, after the taxman gets his cut, they’re only going to bank a little over half of that, but it’s still a pretty good lump sum and you can still make it rain here and there. It would just have to be on less pricey things. So, we wanted to know what simple pleasure in life would you splurge on?

No giving to charity, paying bills, taking trips, or buying cars and/or homes -- only wish list items that are normally just out of your financial reach when you’re making just enough to get by. Here’s a sampling of what Mike and Tricia Facebook fans say they would drop mad coin on.

Veronica Corder New socks every day...no washing, no matching just fresh socks.

Angie Duarte I would get my car professionally washed and detailed, never had it done before. And then I’d wait for it to rain and see my car get messed up

Stephanie Rivera Detergent, that stuff is expensive.

Georgina Cervantes Hire someone to cook and clean every weekday.

Perla Revueltas On call masseuse!

Nancy Martinez Lozano A person to do my hair and makeup every day before work.

Vanessa Gutierrez Steaks! The big ones! And Whataburger.

Crystal Barraza Colunga A parking pass at UTEP.

You can read even more amusing replies and add your own HERE. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Speedway to purchase a Quick Pick or two. Here’s hoping I can prove money can buy happiness. And lots and lots of name brand, two-ply toilet paper.

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