An El Pasoan was one number away from winning $373 million in last Saturday's Powerball lottery (1/25/20), but don’t feel too sorry for him or her. He or she is still an instant millionaire.

The lucky local bought a Quick Pick ticket at the Big Savers Market located at 3630 Alameda that matched all five of the white ball numbers drawn, but not the Powerball number, which resulted in the much lower pay day.

But, hey, a million bucks is still pretty good for a $2 ticket – even after taxes. And especially here in El Paso where the median household income is around $42,000 a year.

According to a Texas Lottery press release, El Paso's newest millionaire claimed the prize anonymously so there's no word on who to hit up for a small loan, much less what he or she plans to do with his or her new found wealth.

Maybe something extravagant like a home with refrigerated air, or perhaps something more economical that used to be just out of reach when you were making just enough to get by; like quilted, ultra-plush toilet paper. Now that’s living the dream.

Good for you, nouveau riche El Pasoan. Even though you’ve decided to keep your identity a secret, I’m pretty sure we’re related. So, can I borrow a few bucks? I promise I’ll pay you back. No, really.

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