For Centuries everyday people have gone to psychics.  We have all remember Jeane Dixon, Miss Cleo, John Edwards, Monica the medium, and my fav, Theresa Caputo, but what makes psychics known?  I know it has to be that brilliant collage of skill, ambition, and charisma!

I have yet to go to one, YET.  Am I curious, YES...Do I wanna go, MAYBE...Will I go, I JUST MAY...I have some friends that have were planning on going later today.  So made me think, why do some of us gravitate to the future or to lost love ones that have passed on...I can understand we may still have unresolved issues...

I remember when an ol' friend sat me down and frustrated at me said "...EDDIE I am going to show you how these psychic and mind readers work.  They take your hands and look into your eyes and study your reactions very carefully."  She then begins to use an old wise woman tone and says "Mr. Gonzalez you have children.  Then she tells me "Eddie you have narrowed your eyes, so I change my tune and say No, you have NO children but you want children", I then begin to put a smile and nod, yes!  She kept on saying that They are reading body language and telling me what I want to hear."

Some may and some may not, what's wrong with that!  Psychics tell you that things happen cause of the month you were born.  Psychiatrists tell you its because you wet your bed when you were 3.   I get it, it's not for everybody.

In El Paso I am sure there are many with the gift.  Some share, some don't.  Some are legit, some are aren't.  In the city the most known ones are Robert McKnight, Grace the Psychic Lady, Lady D, and D'Lola.  If you believe or not, its okay because some need it, while others just need a friend, yet others will take it too far and let it run your life, but isn't that what we do with other things.

I respect all of the above, and came across this gent, Robert Hickman via youtube and thought you may wanna take a gander as he talks about things in the Sun City Skies!

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