Live racing returned to Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino last week and Sunday saw the return of the KLAQ Handicap.

The KLAQ Handicap was a fun and exciting way to spend New Years Day and kick off 2023. Last week, several people won the chance to enjoy the KLAQ Handicap from reserved seats inside the Turf Club at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.

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The Turf Club is pretty cool. It's a non-smoking area with tables set at different levels so you have a clear view of the track.

For those who want a really close look at the action, each table has it's own television showing the race and there's also a jumbo screen against the far wall.

You can also watch the race live and use the tv to keep up with whatever sporting event you may be interested in. I had mine on the Denver - Kansas City game.

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The winners were treated to a delicious lunch from Corralito's Steakhouse and given $10 to bet on the KLAQ Handicap.

Whoever won the most money with the bet we staked 'em to picked up an additional $100 cash. Here are the winners who showed up.

The rest, I assume, were home dealing with New Years Eve aftermath issues.

The favorite in the KLAQ Handicap was a horse named "Minister Of Soul". Several of our winners put their money on him to win and he didn't disappoint.

"10 to win" didn't do the trick though. Q listener Mariana split her bet several different ways one of which got her a bit more than the "win" money earning her the extra $100.

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We have lots more cool events and things planned for 2023, keep listening to get in on the fun. If you're a fan of horse racing, see the rest of Sunland Park's 2023 live racing schedule here.

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