Tonight is Fat Tuesday - that means tomorrow is the start of Lent and 40 days of giving up something you love.  Or at least that's what Lent used to mean when I was a kid back in the Stone Age! 

The hot topic for weeks before Lent among my siblings and cousins was 'what are you giving up?'  The standard was chocolate or soda or candy, when we were a little older and feeling very grown up, it was cussing!

So now what do I give up when i look into the face of my grandmothers Sacred Heart?  Well, I don't really give up things anymore.  I try to give up being so snarky, except when I'm doing Hollywood Dirt!, try to be a little more patient, and remember that I have everything I could ever want - a man who loves me and whom I love, a family who loves me even when I'm completely unlovable,  friends who forgive my snarkiness, and co-workers with whom I really enjoy working.

So bring on Lent, meatless Fridays, trying to be a better person and all that jazz.  Because at the end of it, I get to eat a Godiva chocolate Easter bunny!