The 2021 Fabens Homecoming Parade is always a great event for my hometown. I love being from Fabens and appreciate all the memories I have made growing up there, especially anything having to do with parades.

As an adult, I still take pride in most things having to do with Fabens. I was so excited to be able to rock my blue and gold to show my support for Fabens during their recent homecoming parade, but one creature killed my excitement.

I honestly do not even remember who sponsored the parade float that has now caused me and some of my fellow Fabenites to be traumatized.

All I know is someone managed to climb up on a parade float and place this create on top of a wildcat banner. I should remind you, the Fabens school mascot is a wildcat.

Is this a wildcat?

Emily Slape

Is it even a cat? An old man trapped in a stuffed cat?

I have so many questions but the more that I look at it, the more I kind of love it. The face is a little terrifying but still loveable.

Emily Slape

I am not trying to crap on the beautifully decorated float. I just really want to know where they bought this stuffed "wildcat."

I shared this photo on my personal Facebook page and my friends had some thoughts.

I think I am just going to have to create the legend of the new wildcat as a horror story.

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