That's the union Plaza for you

Posted by Enrique Gonzalez on Sunday, May 17, 2015


A fight outside a downtown club early Sunday morning escalated into an all-out street brawl that ended with shots fired.

A patron leaving one of the clubs in the area shared the above video of the fight on his Facebook page. The clip of the free-for-all shows the rumble spilling into the street, but ends before the shooting.

Two men were arrested after they were caught fleeing the scene and remain in custody as of this writing. Police say no one was injured as a result of the gunfire. There is no word on who or what set off the melee.

UPDATE 5/18/15 12:15 p.m. : El Paso PD has identified the two men as Harold Boga, 22, and Jerry Lawrence, 25, of El Paso. They were each booked on one count of Discharging a Firearm in Certain Municipalities. They have since posted bond and have been released

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