I went on a hunt for school supply lists for the different school districts around town and I found out that there is no master school supply list. Each school inside each El Paso area school district has a different school supply list. Sounds super inefficient, but it turns out that there is a perfectly good reason why there is no master list.

Turns out there is no such thing as a ‘regular’ school anymore. There are STEM campuses that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, there campuses that focus on medical careers, there are even campuses that are early college campuses that students graduate from with an associate’s degree.

While every student may need paper, pencils, pens, and notebooks, not every student needs a scientific calculator or scrubs. Because of the differences in education tracks, there is a difference in each school’s supply list.

During the Mike and Tricia Mornings Stuff the Bus School Supply Drive, we are working on getting the basic school supplies like pens, paper, and pencils, but if you need to have a more detailed school supply list, here is a list of El Paso area school districts. Go to their search engine and enter ‘school supply list’ and scroll to find your child’s school supply list.


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