No one knows who is going to win the Super Bowl game on Sunday, but we do know that we have an elephant at the El Paso Zoo who loves to do a little Super Bowl predicting. Savannah the elephant went on Facebook live on Thursday to try her hand at predicting who will take home the Vince Lombardi trophy, Kansas City or Tampa Bay. You better be impressed that I know the name of the trophy.

On Thursday afternoon, the Zoo brought out two helmet-shaped piñatas filled with treats for Savannah. One had the Kansas City Chiefs logo on it, the other the Tampa Bay Buccaneers'. Savannah, as you can see in the video, took her time deciding which one she would stomp first, but she finally chose the Kansas City Chiefs over the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The best part about the Zoo's Facebook live, however, was the "technical difficulty" they were having with the orientation of the video. As we all know, you gotta put that phone horizontally not vertically to get the best video, and as someone who continually gets it wrong, I know if you start out vertically and try to go horizontal, the video gets messed up. Have a good laugh at the nice Zoo employees who were trying to figure out the video:

Usually, Savannah is joined by Juno, the Zoo's other Super Bowl predicting elephant, but Juno is recovering from the successful breast cancer surgery she had in November. We are all rooting for Juno to make a full recovery and get back to wowing Zoo attendees. Hopefully next Super Bowl she will be right by Savannah for another round of predictions.

Juno will have to step up her game though. Savannah is pretty good at predicting winners. Last year, she correctly predicted the Kansas City Chiefs and they won. Maybe her luck will rub off on them again this year and they'll be lifting the Lombardi trophy in victory come Sunday.

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