Two weeks ago during an El Paso Independent School District board meeting mask mandate protesters disrupted a meeting that was meant to focus on the district's budget. When they were escorted from the building and then not let back in without a mask, the group got very vocal. One student, Skylar Brown, in particular tried to muscle his way past an EPISD police officer.

Brown spoke to a local news station and said he was upset that he was given referrals for a few days for not wearing a mask and then was put in alternative school because of his continued refusal to wear a face covering. On Monday afternoon, Brown once again disrupted a school board meeting but this time he was removed from the building in handcuffs.

According to El Paso Matters, EPISD can enforce a mask mandate even though a court recently struck down that ability. From their website:

"EPISD can continue to require students, teachers and staff to wear masks because it is part of a multiple school district lawsuit challenging Abbott’s executive order."

It's pretty ridiculous that a high school kid is causing this much trouble at a school board meeting over a mask. It protects him, his fellow students, and staff. Judging from his behavior at today's meeting and the one a couple of weeks ago he is there to get in front of tv cameras, and he succeeded. If he hates following the district's rules so much, why doesn't he attend school elsewhere? Brown wasn't the only person who was shown the door at this afternoon's meeting.

Again, if you don't like the rules, attend school somewhere else. This kind of disruption does nothing to sway people who have no problem with masks. There aren't that many people protesting against masks at the meeting and we govern by majority. It's understandable that there will be people who don't want to wear a mask but there are other options available to them. Perhaps instead of screaming at a school board they should explore those options.

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