An El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy got beer thrown in his face while trying to eject a rowdy fan during Wednesday’s soccer match at Southwest University Park, and it was all caught on tape.

The incident happened in the second half of the exhibition soccer match between the Cd. Juárez Bravos and FC León.

According to Duke Keith, who, like me, is employed at Townsquare Media El Paso and who captured the incident on his phone’s camera, it all started after the fan doused a popcorn vendor with beer.

An El Paso Police Officer attempted to eject the man, who seems to argue with him before an El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy shows up to assist.

Soon after, the man appears to resist the officer’s attempts to escort him out, leading to a shoving match between the officers, the man, and a woman who had been sitting next to him.

Seconds later, the woman can be seen throwing the contents of her red Solo cup in the direction of the officers.

No word from the team, or either law enforcement entity on what, if anything, the man and woman were charged with.