A tweet from Chase Bank sent the interwebs into a tizzy because they said that you are spending your money on stupid stuff and that's why you're always wondering why you don't have any money. People were upset because, if you'll recall, Chase found themselves in the middle of a big public relations nightmare after they took $25 billion in taxpayer bailout money in 2008, so when they shook their digital finger at those of us who want to buy a latte every now and again, it came off as more than a little jerkish.

But I decided to see if they were right about not spending money on stupid things. I added up all the stuff that I don't really need to spend money on every month to see what I'm blowing my money on.

One of their suggestions was to make coffee at home. I buy a latte every morning before work. They cost $4.71. I do eat food in the fridge, but I eat at Charcoaler every Tuesday at a cost of $5.99. I don't take cabs or do ride-sharing, but I pay $45 to get my nails done every other week. I also get a pedicure every month at $45.

Add all that up and every month, I spend about $95 on lattes (don't judge), about $24 on Charcoaler, and $135 on nails and pedis, for a grand total of $254 a month on stuff I really don't need. Now, I'm not about to give all that up, but if I saved that money over the course of a year, I would put away $3,048.

$3,048. A year. That could pay for a really nice vacation. It could renovate a room in a house. It could sit in the bank and accrue interest. But no, it's going in my belly and on my fingers and toes. Now, I do put away $200 a month, $100 a paycheck, that pays for Christmas. I also put any money left in my checking account at the end of a pay period into the bank, so I do save money, but doing the math on the silly stuff I buy has really opened my eyes.

Thanks, Chase. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pedi appointment.

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