After a one year hiatus, El Paso’s summer tradition is back. The El Paso Times has confirmed that Viva! El Paso, the outdoor musical drama chronicling the 400 year history of our region, will return to McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater in June.

The paper spoke with Bryan Crowe, general manager of Destination El Paso, who corroborated a Facebook post by Chuck Gorden, an associate professor of theater at UTEP, that the once popular summer extravaganza was being resurrected.

While some changes will be made, Crowe said the show would keep its most popular elements. "It will be refreshed," he told The Times, but added the musical would "certainly be the classic we all know and love."

A formal announcement, including its scheduled run and other details, will be made in the coming weeks. You can read more about the revival of Viva! El Paso on the El Paso Times website.

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