Villa Maria’s Wine & Tapas fundraising event will be taking place at EPIC Railyard Event Center on Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Villa Maria is a temporary home for homeless woman without children who are allowed to heal and rebuild their lives by offering shelter and resources through educational and job opportunities. Villa Maria helps these woman build friendships, elevate their self-esteem and receive the help they need to lead productive lives. Funding from the community is extremely important to support Villa Maria’s efforts since it is a non-profit organization.

This year’s fundraising event, “Villa Maria's Wine & Tapas” will take place at EPIC Railyard Event Center that will include an auction to bid on a dinner with a local celebrity such as Gary Sapp, Suzi Davidoff, Ed Escudero, Zuill Bailey, Mary Lacaze, and Laura Tate Goldman.

Tickets are available for purchase now for $50 per person through or by calling 915-433-1677.