She Hit Her With One Of The Oldest Tricks In The Book And It Still Works!

Baseball and softball seasons are underway and here in East Texas, a few of local high school players have gone VIRAL for a play that has received a ton of attention from national sports outlets as well.

The video was captured during Carthage’s Tuesday night game against the Center Roughriders.

In the video shared by The Panola Watchman on Facebook , it shows Carthage High  senior player Jada Walton rounding 3rd base on her way to home plate. When she gets there though, she's met by the catcher who tries to tag her out and misses.

Wilson and the catcher have a "stare down" when Wilson creatively turned to one of the oldest tricks ever.

Wilson quickly pointed towards the first base line as the two were staring each other down and the catcher to everyone's surprised, turned and looked to see what Wilson was pointing at and she quickly ducked under the catcher and touched home plate.

The Video Has Since Been Seen On ABC's Good Morning America and ESPN's Sportscenter.

The Panola Watchman FB
The Panola Watchman FB

Wilson's head up play helped lead Carthage to a win over Center 7-5 while also putting the team on the map as the viral video has been seen by millions. While the usual "social media peanut gallery" and goofy adults criticized the catcher for falling for such a simple trick, Wilson in an interview with KLTV says that during the stare down both her and the catcher were "smiling" at each other and she added that she thinks she might have fell for it herself. At the end of the day, all that matters is, BOTH players and teams had FUN and the internet has another great sports highlight to share.

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