If you ever wondered if a celebrity reads comments on their social media accounts, Valerie Bertinelli calling out the comments on one of her Instagram posts tells us they do. Bertinelli has a Food Network cooking show and she has an Instagram account where she shares cooking videos and videos about her life. One of those videos prompted a follower to tell her to lose weight.

The video below shows how really affected she was by the comment and you have to feel for her. We've all been there. Think about the time you walked into the office and a co-worker said, "Wow. You must have had a tough night. You look really tired." That will mess with your head all day long and then you quietly make a restroom run to see if you can fix your exhausted face. It's not easy to hear that whether your an office worker or a beloved celebrity.

A lot of people jumped to Valerie's defense and told her how amazing she is and how she looks fine, but really, that one person will live rent free in her head for a while. Remember in Pretty Woman when Vivian tells Edward that the bad stuff is easier to believe. It's true - the bad stuff is easier to believe.

Maybe we should show each other, and ourselves, the compassion that so many people showed Valerie. Everyone jumped online to tell her she looks fantastic. We should do the same for the people in our lives. A simple, "You look great!" would really make a co-worker's or loved one's day. Try it, and let's stop making Valerie Bertinelli, and people we really care about, cry.

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