If you are thinking about going to Juarez to buy some flowers for your Valentine, make sure you be careful about what you are bringing over because federal customs agents say they are going to be on the lookout and stepping up searches of vehicles at border crossings in advance of Valentine's Day.

Agriculture specialists with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be positioned at El Paso ports of entry and will be inspecting flowers and plants being brought over the border from Juarez into the the U.S. You will need special permits and phytosanitary certificates to bring live plants, seeds, and bulbs across the border from Mexico in the United States.

Chrysanthemums and choisya are the most commonly prohibited flowers and plant foliage. According to Customs and Border Protection officials, you can't bring them across the border from Mexico because they are known to harbor harmful pests and disease.

Some filler plants that are used in floral bouquets and arrangements in Mexico are also prohibited in the U.S. You can check out what other items are prohibited from being crossed from Mexico into the U.S. on the CBP website. It's best to know before you go.

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