UTEP is rebranding itself with a new color scheme that they say will help show that the school has grown in size, stature, and gotten more sophisticated. UTEP officials say that the orange color you are used to seeing had been showing up red in certain mediums and back in 2000, the decision was made to change to a lighter orange shade.

You read that right. This decision is 17 years old but only now being implemented. Items at the bookstore have begun popping up with the newer, refreshed color, and according to the associate athletic director, Jeff Darby, next season, the football team will have the new orange color on their jerseys. Darby said the change was more of a “color correction” than a color change, and another UTEP official said the cost of redoing the orange color has been offset by buying new materials only when they need to be replaced.

KTSM talked to students on campus and had mixed reactions to the change. One student said she could see that there was a bit of red to the orange and she likes the new look, but another said he didn't even notice the change. Personally, I don't like the new orange color. I think it looks washed out and faded, and I, for one, wish the older, more vibrant color had been kept.

Go Miners!

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